Sun May 15th 2005 21:59:53: Everything hurts

Well I've just got back from a mamouth walk in the Peak District. It was decided we should camp this time (not my choice!) so we were carrying full sacs containing everything we needed for a night of wild camping. In the end we walked 55km (34 miles) over 2 days. Now everything really hurts and I'm having difficulty walking up the stairs.

If you know the peak district, then these might interest you:

The Route. As recorded by the GPS. The purple bits are where I had to fill in the route points, due to the batteries running out, or lack of memory

The altitude vs distance graph of the track log. On the left you can see us climbing up to Kinder Scout, walking across it, and then down to the YHA. Then we walked to the reservoir and gradually rose back up over the hill to drop back down to the starting camp site.

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