Thu Jul 19th 2007 18:53:43: Fun Lovin Criminals @ The Junction

I went to see the FLC in Cambridge last night. The last time I saw them it was at the end of my first year and it was the first gig I'd ever seen in London. They were good then, and they are still good now!

I was expecting that they'd play some songs I'd not heard before, as I've not got any of their latest albums (Welcome to the Poppies etc), however they only played their old stuff, and it was brilliant - Scooby Snacks went down really well, and their final number - The Fun Lovin Criminal was brilliant! Cambridge audiences are not as good as London ones though.

Huey has such a cool stage presence - nothing phases him or causes him to rush around. Even when he got a bit confused and missed the start of a song (at which point it was obvious some of his vocals were on the backing track!) they laughed it off and it really didn't matter!

In October I'm going to see Kula Shaker at The Junction which should be interesting... it seems they've reformed and brought out a new album. I hope they just play all their old stuff, as I've never seen them before!

Whilst on music... New Chicane album in a couple of weeks and check out Booka Shade. Meanwhile my Chemical Brothers and Calvin Harris albums are on order.... (been on holiday, hence why I'm behind the times)

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