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The Pick of
Epoc Freeware

Last update: December 24th, 2004

Want you software listed here? Email me about it.

Twinkey (By Gary Ewer)
Twinkey has been written to aid the entry of characters that do not normally appear on the keyboard, such as , , , or any other you care to choose.

It does this by looking for a number of specific predefined key sequences, and then converting them. The sequence of key presses has to occur within a certain period of time, otherwise Twinkey ignores them. For example you can type "a" followed by "\", and this can be changed into .

TestMe (By Gary Ewer)
Need help learning all that foreign vocabulary or those Physics Equations? Well if so this is the program for you. It will allow you to easily make tests, and then it will ensure you learn them with the learn mode.
QuickNote (By Tixy)
A great note taking program, which lets you type your notes or write the notes with the pen on the screen. Very nice program.
Clock5 (English Version) (By Martin Guthrie)
A moving clock screensaver (!) which can also tell you the time (either by speaking it, flashing it or beeping it). Very good looking piece of software.

Be sure to check out:
for other languages and add ons etc for this program.

EZ Bank (By Ken Emmanuel)
A Freeware banking program! Initial impressions suggest it is just as good as RMRBank, but this one's free!
StopWatch (By Gary Ewer)
Guess what - it's a stopwatch. Accurate to a millionth of a second, however I would not trust it to that accuracy myself!
FileSwitch (By Tixy)
Use this program to get the Epoc equivalent of Windows "Alt-Tab" function.
MathsHelp (By Gary Ewer)
A useful program which adds up times, solves quadratic and simultaneous equations and it also coverts degrees into radians and back again.
Converti (By Guillaume Dupont)
A useful little program for converting various unit, such as temperature, weights, lengths and more.
FileDump (By Tixy)
A great little hex editor.
PDF (By Sander van der Wal)
The one and only PDF viewer for Epoc - and it's free. Works very well on my Series 5.
Teddy (By Roger Muggleton)
A useful text editor. Only problem is that it has a 30k file size limit, however I find this is not normally a problem.
JBUtils (By John Boyce)
A collection of disk utilities for searching for files and checking disk space to name a few.
Rescodes (By Gareth Clarke)
A program which translates the coloured bands on the side of resistors into understandable numbers.
Theslink (By Henry Hirst)
This program enables you to highlight a word and then press a shortcut key of your choice, which will launch spell, and put the word into the Thesaurus automatically.
Mapper (By Steve Litchfield)
Psi-Mapper is a freeware (used to be shareware) project for Psion palmtops. It's a geographical information system, with basic maps and systems of overlays which can be browsed around and searched.
Hexcalc (By Vince Cara)
A very nice program for converting Hexadecimal numbers into decimal and back again.


Space Invader5 (By Martin Guthrie)
An entertaining clone of the classic space invaders game which everyone knows.
Atomic (By Steve Litchfield)
Fast and furious Tetris clone. Epoc Version is freeware.
O and X (By Gary Ewer)
Play Naughts and Crosses against your friend on you Psion. It saves paper!


Trivopaedia (By Steve Litchfield)
The ultimate encyclopaedia of useful trivia in Mobipocket format


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