The Necromancer vs RoboChicken

The night (or should I say morning) before this battle we had been working until 1:30am to get the robot working reliably in time. We did manage to get the drive working, however unfortunately the belt for the lifter snapped, and we could not get a new one. Therefore we faught RoboChicken without our lifter.

The battle took place in the Robotwars arena at Park Street Studios (near St Albans). This caused us problems with radio interference, so the robot was very difficult to control. This caused it to ram into the barriers very hard, and caused quite a few of the front bits of the robot to get bent.

We gave robochicken a good shoving around, as we managed to get under them most of the time, and we had more power than them. At the end it was given to an audience vote. Unfortunately the audience voted for the chicken, however the judges decided to make it a draw (they said we both won) :-)

robochicken1_sml.jpg (10556 bytes)

The Chicken after the battle - Shame we knocked it's eyes off and deflated it's head (glove)

robochicken2_sml.jpg (7829 bytes)

Our bent lifter - More reinforcement required!

robochicken3_sml.jpg (7622 bytes)

In the last few seconds of the battle we could not move and this was why - the 3mm steel wedge had bent, and was digging into the floor! To get the robot out of the arena the stage crew had to use the house robot, Shunt, to ram it off, as it would not drive out!


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