Sun Jan 14th 2007 23:41:13: Mongoose Teocali 2005 Frame

This morning I went for my first ride of the year in Thetford. For various reasons (mainly the weather) I'd not managed to get one before now, however I'm very glad I did. During the ride I started to get a creaking/cracking sound from my Mongoose Teocali Comp 2005. Despite looking a couple of times I could not work out where the noise was coming from, however it gradually got worse during the ride. The ride ended, we had tea and cake and then went home.

As I unloaded my bike from the car at home I realised where the noise was coming from - the frame has cracked and is basically knackered :(

I rushed in to find the receipt as I could remember I brought it in January last year and it had a 12 month guarantee. Eventually I found the receipt... 15th Jan 06... I'm very glad I went for today's ride!!

I phoned the bike shop (Pauls Cycles) to be told to remove as many bits as I can from the bike and return it via Royal Mail. (Does anyone know the legal situation on postage costs in this case? They say it's down to me, however people like Dabs and Scan cover the costs when you return something).

So yes... I'm not a happy bunny. At least I'll get a brand new frame with a new 12 month warranty (I would hope!) - I see the 2007 version of the Teocali frame is slightly different in the area where mine broke. I hope the latest paint jobs will match my red blingy bits :). Also from reading one of the reviews here it seems I'm not the only one with a broken frame... not a good sign for the bike's reliability

If you are reading this because your Teocali frame has cracked, then please leave a comment or send me an email - I'm interested to know if this is a general problem, or I've just been unlucky!

UPDATE 28/2/07: I am now the proud owner of a Mongoose Teocali Super 2006. Well sort of anyway... It's a black super frame, but with all my Comp bits on it! Hotwheels (the Mongoose importers in the UK) made no fuss about replacing it. Pauls Cycles recieved my broken frame on the Thursday and I had a new bike the following Tuesday. Unfortunately it had been dropped during shipping however, which had bent one of the rear drop outs, so I had to send the back end of it back again, however we got there in the end!

UPDATE 16/04/08: The Super frame has died as well in exactly the same way! This time it's been replaced (again under warranty - thank you hotwheels!) with a 2007 frame which is redesigned, so hopefully won't break this time :-)

If you are Teocali owner, then you may also be interested in this article about the bottom linkage.

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Broke mine in same place, after about 1600k of riding- replaced under warranty in NZ, no problems, about 2 weeks.

Comment by toby at 23:58 on Mon 16 July 2007

It's a xc and trail bike, not a jump, freeride, downhill machine.

Comment by John at 12:36 on Wed 8 August 2007

My 2005 Teocali Comp has also developed a crack, not the same place as this one but at the joint on one of the 'legs' that straddle the shock. Taking it back to the shop tomorrow - fingers crossed!

Comment by Dave Mack at 16:21 on Tue 1 January 2008

What is John on about?

I've only ever XC'd on mine and the frame has recently gone in the exact same position. Mine was also purchased from Pauls cycles and luckily the frame came with a three year warranty! I'm still waiting for the frame to come back but this sould all be ok

Comment by Phil at 14:56 on Thu 28 August 2008

I had the orange (Elite) teocali (2006 model, bought in Mar 07).

Like the guy above, mine cracked on on the "legs" either side of the shock. This was found in Mar 08. My LBS took up the issue with the dealer and within a couple of weeks was given the 07 Super frame (snot green colour).

Yesterday I noticed a crack on the frame in the same place as shown in the photo above. So thats two frames, each one failing on just about the 12 month mark.

One thing to consider is that this failure is a result of the riding action rather than jumping / dropping. Unless you stay seated when landing a jump / drop, these types of cracks are from the riding motion.

Now I am probably an exception to the rule as I weigh 18 1/2 stone (117kg / 250lbs) and happily drop 4-6 foot onto transition. Although some will shout out that this is abuse, this is what I advised the shop I would be doing. This riding, combined with weight and very strong legs is what my bike needs to endure. So the Teocali was recommended.

So I'm now expecting an 08 frame which is markedly different in design however I'm also considering paying the upgrade to the Khyber although this would of course mean forking out for the forks and shock to match.

Comment by Matt at 7:58 on Mon 9 March 2009

My yellow teocali elite broke on the joints like above. They swapped it with a grey frame - did not give a shit that this devalued the bike - Then grey fame, like th one shown broke the whole way through. So really a piece of crap, i am sure I only had 12 month warranty. Nice bike, but now is just rubbish.. My friends giant has handle all the same tracks, no issues, lifetime frame warranty!!

Comment by Stu at 23:23 on Mon 9 March 2009

Black Super cracked in exactly the same place as in photos, awesome bike otherwise. Took it in yesterday so still waiting to see what happens..

Comment by Markus at 12:10 on Wed 18 March 2009

I have had the frame replaced on mine and the one received has new welding and support which the old one lacked. After a few years on the'goose' I decided that a new bike was required so i have recently purchased a Scott Genius. I am thinking of buying a hardtail frame and transferring the components across leaving a tecoli frame. I am open to offers depending on interest. If you want to find out more please e-mail me at

Comment by Phil at 17:01 on Thu 19 March 2009

Just got back from a night forest ride here in good old Ch-Ch, NZ. My 3.5 year old Teocali has kindly snapped in half at the bottom joint. It's been a great bike, hasn't has a tough to the shop tomorrow, wish me luck! I've found these comments handy, cheers.

Comment by David at 9:07 on Sat 18 April 2009

Just cracked a black super the 2009 moonride..2nd frame, same place as the first- off to shop this week.

Comment by toby at 9:28 on Sun 10 May 2009

so after all this would any of you advise buying a teocali from 2006 keeping in mind im only a teen weighing 7 stone. Do you think the frame cracking will be a probolem for me? thanks :-)

Comment by Ben at 19:29 on Wed 10 June 2009

Just got my frame replaced under warranty - I had a 2006 Teocali Super which went on both of the joints which straddle the shock.

Took about 3.5 weeks from start to finish to get it resolved (sent early August, returned first few days of Sept). I was sent back a 2009 Super fully built with all my old parts plus a brand new shock - Hot Wheels made no charge for this at all.

Comment by JB at 12:58 on Thu 3 September 2009

Sort of related: my Mongoose Canaan Comp (2008) developed a crack in the equivalent location earlier this week after about a year of riding. I guess the frames just suck. Waiting to see how quickly it's resolved...

Comment by Tom at 0:35 on Wed 21 July 2010

Just cleaned my 2006 Teocali to find crack in frame identical to the one found in pictures

Comment by Simon Tomlinson at 19:02 on Sat 28 August 2010

I had a 2006 Teocali Super. Frame cracked at weld joint on one of the legs that straddle the shock. I had an interesting situation where the warranty card said lifetime, but Mongoose insisted it was only a 3 year warranty. I was initially declined, but we a had a few back and forths and they eventually did right by me and gave me a new 2009 Super frame with a 3yr warranty. After all, I can't help it if they sent out the wrong warranty with the bike.

Comment by Ulysses at 3:58 on Tue 21 September 2010

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