Wed May 23rd 2007 15:43:19: Zanussi ZWF1111W Washing Machine Repairs

Somehow I've gained a "Mr fix-it" reputation (!?!). It's getting quite serious! I've now got an IPod Mini in bits on my desk which needs a new battery and last sunday I got dinner in return for fixing a washing machine.

The washing machine was a Zanussi ZWF1111W (which I believe is very similar to the ZWF1311W). The problem was that the wash would take much longer than the time predicted on the display and it would seem to "stop" during the wash cycle and do nothing. Also sometimes it would not release the door at the end of the wash and would require a spin cycle to convince it to open.

I obviously started out by checking the "obvious" things - the pump wasn't full of rubbish and measured 160 Ohms which seemed about right. The water level sensor clicked 3 times when you blew into it (level sensing is done by measuring the air pressure in a pipe - the higher the pressure, the higher the water level in the pipe) and all the connections seemed good.

I ran a wash with the lid off and kept an eye on it, and everything seemed to be working (the pump wirr'd, the motor turned the drum etc). I almost gave up and put it down to a dodgy control board when I decided to check the waste pipe's connection to the sink (the _most_ obvious thing?)... it was almost completely bunged up! I cleaned out all the black gunk, and then the machine worked perfectly. Obviously the machine was draining slowly, causing it take a long time and not open the door due to too much water in the drum. Reputation maintained :-)


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