Fri Dec 26th 2008 15:16:28: Mongoose Teocali Bottom Link Repair

The small linkage on the Mongoose Teocali near the bottom bracket unfortunately does not use sealed bearings. This means that however well you keep it greased the bearings soon go rusty and seize. After (almost) 3 years I've had 2 new linkages under warranty (due to frames breaking) and now the latest one is dead as well.

The first thing I did was check with a bike shop to find out how much a replacement part is. For the aluminium part plus bearings/bolts etc, they wanted £60! Knowing full well that it would only last a year, I decided it was worth speaking to some friends with workshop facilities to see if they could help.

The old bearings just push out of the linkage using a fly press and a suitable lump of metal. This leaves you with the linkage:

and a pile of rusty bolts and bearings:

The bearing surface is the "tube" which then slides over the long bolt. In my case the surface of the tube was deeply pitted and the bearing was no longer rotating which meant the tube was rotating on the bolt.

The repair solution we came up with was to machine a Peek 450G bush that pushed into the linkage:

We then cleaned up the bolt's surface and it all assembled together as follows:

This solution is currently undergoing long term testing.... so far so good!

UPDATE - 9/7/09 I've now been riding my Teocali with this modified linkage for well over 6 months and there is still no sign of wear on it. This repair has also been done for about a dozen other bikes and everyone seems very happy (see comments below and here). Therefore I'm happy to offer a manufacturing service for these bushes - just send me your linkage (with or without bearings) along with the two long bolts and I'll get a custom bush made up for your bike. The charge for this service is £35 including return postage etc. Email me for my address and more details.

UPDATE - 26/8/10 We've now had a look at a 2008 Teocali linkage and these cannot be helped by our fix. They have done away with the bearings (sensibly!) and now use an anodised aluminium surface as the moving interface with the bolt. This is basically the same as our peek solution and should be very reliable. The only suggestion we have is to lubricate it with Copaslip as this will ensure the linkage does not seize up and water does not get in. We are of course still repairing linkages from 2005/06/07 bikes.


i would be interested to here how your repair has faired over the winter months. i have an 08 tecali super and had to replace these bearings after 4 months, when i had a look one of the bearings had completely shattered.

Comment by john lodge at 20:49 on Mon 9 February 2009

I have to admit I've been pretty busy so far this year so have not had chance to go riding much, however I've not noticed any problems as yet - not had any play developing. Will have to take it apart and see if there are any signs of wear....

Comment by Gary at 23:59 on Mon 9 February 2009

As of 06/03/09 there are now two of us giving this solution a go.

So far so good - got through a wet 4 day weekend in Wales without issue.

Will add further posts later in the year

Comment by John B at 16:03 on Thu 12 March 2009

Is it all John's that ride Teocali's then?!

I've just had these bushes made up for my Teocali (many many thanks Gary & co!), installed them last week and first ride out its nice and solid!

I'll be keeping Gary up-to-date with how they perform but would highly recommend it to anyone with a Teocali at this point. The OEM solution is appalling, costs £30ish to fix for 6 months max - I'm confident this is a better solution.

I was also a 'nightmare customer' asking Gary loads of questions before sending it off and his quick responses were always 1st class. I'm an engineer you see, so I tend to over-analyse everything ;-)

Anyway, no need to pester him - I did it for you and I'm confident in this product!! Gary - thank you and I'll keep you informed...


Comment by John K at 8:28 on Tue 7 April 2009

Got word of this great solution from John B and thought I'd better get one fitted. I've tested it out extensively on the trails of the 7 Stanes over Easter. The back end was solid and smooth throughout and gave me no trouble at all. Gary made extra effort to get the linkage sorted in advance of my trip and I'm very grateful for his swift work.

This is an excellent solution to solve the 'weak link' (ha ha) in the Mongoose Teocali set-up. I thoroughly recommend it.

Will keep you posted on any developments,

Martin B.

Comment by Martin B at 11:25 on Mon 20 April 2009

Hmmmm-looks like everyone is having the same problem - I've been waiting for replacement parts for a couple of weeks now (this will be the 2nd time i've had this part off- but i might just cancel that order. Would you need me to send the linkage through to you or could you have them machined and then posted out so i can fit myself and cut down any 'off the bike' time? My 'Cali is an 05 (bright yellow)and currently a bit 'Clunky'.

Comment by Ian Wheeler at 12:03 on Wed 22 April 2009

Hi Ian,

It's easier if you send the link to us. That way we can make sure it's a good fit to your linkage without excessive play on the bolt and also we have a tool made up for pressing the bearings out.

We try to get them back to you within a week, although if the workshop is busy, it may take 2 weeks.


Comment by Gary at 22:48 on Wed 22 April 2009

Very interested in this link mod...Couldn't get your email address to work though. Can you email me your address and any further details - Thanks

Comment by Lee at 12:28 on Mon 11 May 2009

Hi Lee,

Sorry - to stop spammers, you need javascript enabled to make the email link work! I've just sent you an email with my address details.


Comment by Gary at 12:33 on Mon 11 May 2009

Hey Gary - really need to get mine fixed ASAP. Could you e-mail me some contact details so i can get in touch. Cheers


Comment by Ian at 21:14 on Wed 13 May 2009

Hi Gary, could you send me over your e-mail and address so I can get my bottom link out to you for your mod plz. My link bearings are totaly shot and this sounds the better option to a replacement one.

Comment by Danny at 9:50 on Sun 14 June 2009

Hi Gary,

The linkage on my 06 Teocali Elite has started playing up recently, and your solution looks the wiser option to a standard replacement. If you could get in touch via email sometime with more info etc it would be much appreciated.


Comment by Mike at 2:59 on Wed 17 June 2009

Hi Gary,

Another john with a teocali! Any chance you could send me your email address so i can sort out sending off my linkage to you.


Comment by John at 20:01 on Tue 23 June 2009

i drilled out a hardened dowel which was 60mm long ground 6mm of each end to remove the case hardened ends then drilled and reamed 10mm thru the dowel

as the outer is hardened it is less likely to suffer form the brinelling effect where a stationary bearing is indenting into the surface this is the bush i used on my teocali until the frame cracked at the wrap around area by the rear shock

Comment by georgie at 8:41 on Wed 1 July 2009

Had this mod fitted for a couple of months now courtesy of Gary and this site. I can report no problems what-so-ever, with everything running smoothly after a decent hammering. I cant tell any difference between the new bushes and the original bearings (when working) but the bit i'm most pleased about is the piece of mind that it has given me.

Lee. Macclesfield

Comment by Lee at 12:40 on Sun 5 July 2009

Just an update on the linkage fitted 06/03/09.

Still performing perfectly after nearly six months during which I have ridden the following: Snowdon Summit, Hellvelyn Summit, South Wales: Brechfa, Cwmcarn, Afan (Whites), North Wales: Nant-y-Arian, Machynlleth (Mach 3 & Cli-machx), Coed-y-Brenin (Beast & Tarw), Marin, Penmachno, Coed Llandegla, Lakes: Whintlatter & Grizedale plus some XC, Scotland: Kirroughtree (Black), Dalbeattie (Red/Black), Glentress (Black), Innerleithen & Newcastleton plus several local rides to me.

Comment by John B at 17:12 on Sun 2 August 2009

Hi there. I have a mate out here in sweden whose rear linkage on his 07 Teocali has finally packed up after 18 months of hammer. He has been in touch with Evans, where he bought the bike, and they seemed quite happy to simply ignore him. Any chance we could send you the linkage from sweden? What will it cost? Hope you can help.

Comment by Ade Hanratty at 8:34 on Sun 16 August 2009

Hi Ade,

It looks like international tracked postage is about £7, so we could get a linkage repaired and posted back to you for an extra £5 bringing it to £40 all done. Unless you can sort out a GBP cheque, then I'd suggest using Paypal for payment.



Comment by Gary at 23:14 on Mon 17 August 2009

Hi Gary,

Just an update on the link repair form June. I've put it through its paces all summer and I've got to say I cant remember the back end ever feeling as smooth as is dose now. Top marks on the mod mate :D

Comment by Danny at 18:55 on Tue 15 September 2009

Hi Gary,

Just sent an email enquiring about this. Please get back to me with the details. I am glad to discover I'm not alone!

Comment by Chris at 20:31 on Sat 19 September 2009

Hi there,

As I've just read all the comments it seems pointless asking more questions, my teocali 07 elite is on the second lot of bearings so I'm gonna give this a go, could someone e-mail me back so I can get the goose running sweet again please!!!!!

Comment by Richard Hanstock at 15:27 on Tue 13 October 2009

Hi Gary,

I've got an '08 teocali which uses very small sealed bearings instead of the roller bearings on the earlier models. The end result is the same; bearings that fail within a few months. Would it be possible to machine smaller bushings to fit this design, or even perhaps drill out the link and fit your full-length bushings? I live in Australia so additional postage costs/times would be helpful. Thanks mate, your mod looks the goods!

Cheers, Steve

Comment by Steven Hinchliffe at 3:17 on Thu 31 December 2009

Please can I have details of your teocali lower ling bush mod. I am tired of replacing the bearings & tubes. + my bolts are starting to show signs of wear.

Kind Regards


Comment by John Paxton at 3:13 on Fri 30 April 2010

Hi Gary,

My sons Teocali bottom link has also died.

can you repair his please?



Comment by laurence gerrard at 16:48 on Mon 17 May 2010

Just a quick report to say this link mod is perfect! Absolutely no play and despite all the 'industry blurb' saying you want cartridge/needle bearings instead of bushes as less stiction and therefore more responsive suspension...

BULL! I can't tell the difference; all I've got is peace of mind that the one major flaw of the Teocali is solved!! Love the bike! Cheers guys!

Comment by John K at 1:14 on Fri 11 June 2010

Hi i have just come across this on a hunt for new bearings for my 07 teocali super. Is it possable to have you send out the bit so i can fit it myself? Could you please email details about price and shipping and any other info please. Many thanks Brian

Comment by Brian C at 11:21 on Fri 2 July 2010

Hi Brian,

We can send the bushes out for you to fit, however we can't guarantee how well they will fit. This is because when you insert them in the link they compress slightly. We then ream out the hole to make sure there is a good fit with the long bolt. For this reason we recommend you send us the link to us.

The price is £35 which includes making, fitting and posting.


Comment by Gary at 19:04 on Fri 2 July 2010

Hey mate, i am in desperate need of this service, email me on

so i can get some more information.


Comment by David Wilson at 21:11 on Wed 23 March 2011

I'm also like to take advantage of this service. Please can you contact me with more information.

Comment by Barry Cummings at 19:44 on Mon 25 April 2011

i'm also bored of replacing my bearings and this looks like a solution. Can you let me know where to send the bearing and some idea on turn around time would be good to know


Comment by Paul at 21:18 on Thu 12 May 2011


I have a Mongoose Teocali Elite (I believe it's either 2006 or 2007 model) and I wonder if you are stilling providing this service? I would be most grateful if you could let me know. Many thanks.

Comment by D Wong at 14:46 on Thu 18 August 2011


Yes we are still doing this fix. I will drop you an email.


Comment by Gary at 17:17 on Thu 18 August 2011

would this work on a 2007 teocali comp frame since im having slight 1-2mm movement at the braket any help would be helpfull or should i just go to the mongoose for replacement

Comment by Gabriel monjaras at 23:19 on Sat 24 September 2011

Our fix should solve that if the bearings have had it!

Comment by Gary at 8:25 on Mon 26 September 2011


could you send me a couple of bushes for me to fit , and give me a clue as to getting the screws out they are very tight . any help would be apprieciated

Comment by trevor jones at 17:32 on Tue 4 October 2011

Hi Trevor,

We don't send bushes out on their own and they compress when inserted into the link and therefore need reaming out after insertion.

If you want some bushes drop me an email.

Can't suggest much about getting the bolts undone, apart from make sure you use the right tools. If the heads get damaged you'll never get them out.


Comment by Gary at 18:13 on Tue 4 October 2011


My 2006 teocali bb have had it,so if you could drop me your email about your service, THANX kevin

Comment by kevin hollis at 11:13 on Sun 27 November 2011

Hey tried emaing you no reply can you please get intouch need this service asap thanks

Comment by dave at 22:07 on Sun 4 December 2011


sorry for long delay lost your email and just figured out how your system works , any way got the screws out today the are just about servicable can i send you the parts for overhall how much .its a great bike less this problem.

yours Trev

Comment by trevor jones at 16:38 on Sat 7 January 2012

Hi Interested in this upgrade my LBS has stated mongoose have stopped making these parts. Im from australia by the way. Im not sure how much I would owe you in Aussie dollars for the conversion. If you have a set and are willing to post to Australia send me an email and let me know as one of my bushes is totally flogged.

Comment by Brian at 8:38 on Tue 10 January 2012

Hi Gary, could you please tell me if you still do this repair. If so could you email me address to send to, with price and how you would like paying please.

Many Thanks

Comment by Dave at 14:58 on Sat 3 March 2012

Hi Dave,

Yep - we're still doing this repair! I'll drop you an email.


Comment by Gary at 9:24 on Mon 5 March 2012

Hi Gary,

I am interested in the modified bushes for the bottom link on my bike. Could you please email me with the address to send too and price etc.

Many thanks,


Comment by Stephen Howell at 22:34 on Tue 20 March 2012

hi gary

i am want this done to my link but i need new bolts can you help need this done asap thanks


Comment by craig at 20:15 on Wed 18 April 2012

Hi Craig,

I just sent you an email.


Comment by Gary at 23:10 on Wed 18 April 2012

Hi Gary,

I'm interested in getting the link modified with the new bushes and would be grateful if you send me details of where to post to...also I was wondering how long it takes for the work to be completed?

With thanks


Comment by Graeme Ball at 9:55 on Tue 24 April 2012


I see everyone is experiencing the same problems and I´m pleased to have found what i hope is the quick fix.

I have a Mongoose Black Diamond Tripple that is using the same linkage as on the Teocali.

Could you please send me you contact details and I´ll ship the linkage your way asap.

Best regards


Comment by Andreas Hetland Olsen at 18:13 on Thu 30 August 2012

Hi Gary,

Im interested in getting my link modified like this. could you please contact me with details of where to post it and a price please?

Much thanks


Comment by Ged at 10:38 on Sun 9 September 2012

Hi Gary

i'm interested in getting my link modified .Please could you send me details on where to send it and the price for the mod



Comment by Phil Malkin at 22:58 on Mon 10 September 2012

Hi have the same trouble with my black diamond double would this solution fit that frame

Comment by Phil-a- at 19:13 on Tue 11 September 2012

Hi Gary,

I'm in Australia and have the same Bottom Bearing issues, are you still providing a fix? If so can you drop me an email and price and i'll send you the details. Regards Rob

Comment by Rob at 11:47 on Fri 5 April 2013

Hi Gary,

Im interested in getting my link modified like this. could you please contact me with details of where to post it and a price please? i contacted you last year but never had the time to complete building the bike, now the link is the last piece i need, i would greatly appreciate any help fixing the link :)

Much thanks


Comment by Gerard at 13:38 on Thu 2 May 2013

In case anyone is wondering - we are still modifying these linkages. Drop me an email ( for details.


Comment by Gary at 14:20 on Mon 27 May 2013

just had brill ride at innerleithen and after some big jumps and a couple of falls I noticed the bottom bracket bearings have too much play. Can't open your email. Any chance you could get in touch if you are still doing the fix for old Teocali frame, circa 2005. Ta Lawrence

Comment by lawrence Howell at 22:38 on Wed 30 October 2013


Looks like an awesome fix I am currently rebuilding a Teocali and I also own a Black Diamond that the link has failed on :-( (split)

Could you let me know if the links are still available and how much it costs,

Comment by Mackenzie Brown at 13:10 on Mon 4 November 2013


Iam also interested in this repair is it still available can you send me your contact details so I can get in touch.


Comment by Ben at 23:44 on Wed 29 January 2014

Does this fix work for the 07 Canaan Elite also. Haven't seen anything on the net about it, it's linkage and bearings.

Comment by Michael Blaker at 16:37 on Sun 16 March 2014

Hi Michael,

Can you send me a photo of the linkage ( I can't find a decent picture online. If it's the same as the Teocali linkage with the roller bearings then we can fix it for you.

We are still doing the linkages (everyone who has left a comment above has been sorted) so if we can help, we will do it for you!


Comment by Gary Ewer at 19:26 on Mon 17 March 2014

Hi, Could you send me an email confirming you are still making the fix, with a method of payment and ordering. Ta Rob. ps. I have a teocali elite 2007

Comment by Robert at 10:04 on Wed 9 April 2014

I have a Cali Comp (Blue and White unsure the year) and have been riding it for quite a while, bought it used too. Lately, it is the squeakiest bike on the hill. Every hinge seems to make noise. As far as I know, none of the bushings or linkages have ever been serviced or replaced. Is this mod toward that gain? Is there a service kit or bushing upgrade kit for all the linkage on the bike? Thanks for any help/advice.

Comment by Jeff Corneau at 19:57 on Tue 7 October 2014

Hi, are you guys still doing the fix for teocali bottom links?

Comment by Gerard at 20:55 on Sun 21 December 2014

Hi, are you guys still doing the fix for teocali bottom links? Thanks

Comment by Gerard at 20:56 on Sun 21 December 2014

Hi can you tell me if this is still available or even if you could send me just the bushes them self as I have access to machines to make fit myself. Hope you can help regards Brian.

Comment by Brian at 12:31 on Fri 24 April 2015

Hi, I'm in desperate need of this fix, currently using tin can in the recess the bearings have made and it's just no damn good. I really hope you guys can still help. I can sacrifice the 'down time' if this works, it's been a nightmare for 2 years now. Thanks

Comment by Al at 0:07 on Fri 5 June 2015

Also would like to know if you are still offering this service?


Comment by Paul Anders Johnson at 2:31 on Mon 20 July 2015

Hi I could do with this if you are still making them. Could you let me know? Also wondered if there is any chance that I don't need to send my link or how long does it take?

Comment by Simon at 23:48 on Mon 28 September 2015

Hi all,

Yes - we are still doing them!


Comment by Gary at 8:57 on Thu 1 October 2015

Hi all i just want to say that i have just received my link back with the fix done and dusted! Gary (Dave) did a good job and put effort in to get it back to me before i go out on the bike tomorrow appreciate the work cant wait to get it in and give it a test! also the extra effort put in to remove he original bearings which where so rusted in they wouldn't push out and i was hitting them with a mash hammer also required an extra thanks



Comment by simon at 14:05 on Fri 23 October 2015

Hi Gary,

I am looking into getting a used 2007 frame for a build up.

are you still making these repairs?

also any inputs on whether to get the frame would be appreciated.


Comment by Avi at 11:10 on Sat 20 May 2017

Hi Avi,

Yes - still doing these repairs and have the necessary material in stock and ready to go at the moment.

The Teocali is a really good bike. A little heavy by modern standards and that is why I replaced mine.


Comment by Gary at 10:11 on Mon 22 May 2017

I've just bought a teocali for my nephew as his first proper bike, to get him into the sport. But it has major play at the linkage. Where are you based? Really need this fix before I send him out!

Comment by Tom D at 19:34 on Thu 25 May 2017

Hi Gary,

Are you still doing this repair?

If so could you email me some details.


Comment by Dayle at 6:05 on Mon 25 September 2017

Yes - I've emailed you.

Comment by Gary at 22:49 on Tue 26 September 2017

Hi Gary,

I'm down in Australia but in the same boat as the others. any chance i could purchase some bushes depending in the shipping cost.

Thanks Mike

Comment by Michael Mueller at 4:10 on Sun 28 October 2018

Mike - I have emailed you!

Comment by Gary Ewer at 14:56 on Sun 28 October 2018

Hello Gary, I'm Graham from Beics Betws a bike hire company in Betws Y Coed. I'm trying to resurrect an old Teocali of mine and having problems removing the bolts from the linkage, I wonder if you can advise? I've removed the counter sunk screw from one end so I'm thinking they should just push out from the other side. Neither will. The through bolts turn okay so they aren't seized in place. I've put a bolt in on the other side and tried to drive it out with a hammer neither of them will budge although the counter sunk head will turn in the swinging arm.

I wondering is it possible to drill the counter sunk head off the top of the thru bolt(s) and if so would this actually help to remove the bolt or could it still be jammed in somehow? If I did destroy the bolts do you know where I can buy new ones?

Cheers Graham

Comment by Graham Tayler at 17:01 on Fri 1 February 2019

Hi Graham,

It sounds like the old bearings are seized to the linkage. You could...

- Spray in lots of WD40 / Gibbs Brand / other anti seize spray and leave it a while. See if that frees it.

- After that try pressing the bolt out in a vice or press.

- If that does not work you will probably have to drill the head off and get the link out. Once the link is out you can post it and we should be able to press out the old bearings in a very big press. However you'll need to contact Hotwheels (IIRC) and see if they can supply the bolts as spare parts.


Comment by Gary Ewer at 19:02 on Fri 1 February 2019

Hi, are you still repairing these linkages? I've got a teocali super and the the needle bearings and tube are worn and this looks like a good solution.

I look forward to hearing from you.



Comment by Graeme Swatman at 17:21 on Sun 13 October 2019

Pretty useful!!

I'm going to restore my Teocali now!!

Comment by Arnont at 9:27 on Tue 1 December 2020

Hi. Don’t know if you are still making these? But I would like a set of the bushings if possible?

Comment by David Cribb at 8:35 on Sun 11 April 2021

Hi David,

I'm afraid not. I've changed jobs so don't have access to a workshop any more to get these parts done.



Comment by Gary at 21:35 on Wed 14 April 2021

March 2014, Maybe not a daily rider but still!! Almost 10 Years and still going strong, lets GO!

Comment by Maynard Grift at 10:26 on Sat 11 November 2023

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