Mon Jan 5th 2009 23:55:00: Gore Profile II Cycling Trousers

I recently purchased some Gore Profile II trousers for cycling to work in the winter (3/4 lengths get a bit chilly on frosty days!). I couldn't find much info about them before I purchased, so I just thought I'd clear some facts up:

  • They are really warm! Despite being a thin material, they are suprisingly warm - when you walk out on a cold night you might think it's a bit chilly at first, however you don't get the wind blowing straight through them. Therefore once you start riding, you won't get cold. If you do get cold in them, then just put a pair of thermals underneath them, and you definately won't be cold!
  • They only have 1 small pocket - on the bum (which is a shame when commuting).
  • The zips on the side that you can see in some photos are to open leg vents.
  • The velcro on the legs is nice and effective at stopping them getting in the chain etc.
  • I've not tried them in the rain yet, however I think they will be fairly water resistant.

So all in all, expensive, however very good trousers for cycling:-)


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