Fri Mar 15th 2013 10:35:00: Mac and Mac Interiors Poor Customer Service

On the 4th December 2012 we ordered an expensive new bed from Mac and Mac in Farnham. The sales assistant in the show room was very helpful and all was good. We were advised that delivery would take 8 to 10 weeks. Therefore we expected to receive the bed in the 1st couple of weeks of February. A long time, but hopefully worth it!

At the beginning of February we'd not heard anything so I gave their customer service number a call. There was no answer so I left a message asking for a call back. A couple of days later they'd not returned my call so I rang them again. No answer. Therefore I called again and pressed the option for the showroom (who answered very promptly) and asked to be put through to customer service. I was then able to talk to someone and they said the bed had not left Italy yet, but would be ready for delivery in w/c 25th Feb.

On the 18th Feb I called them again to confirm delivery for the following week. No answer. No return call. On the 20th I managed to speak to someone again by calling the showroom and asking to be put through. This time I was told the bed had been dispatched from Italy and would be ready for delivery w/c 3rd March. As we were on holiday that week I asked them to organise delivery for Friday 15th March. The customer service manager said that would be fine and he would add a note to our order.

15th March arrived and I took the day off work waiting for delivery. I decide to call them to check what time it will be arriving. Impressively they actually answered the phone this time (first for everything!). However I was then told that the bed had not arrived with them yet and had only been dispatched from Italy the week before (despite me being told it had been dispatched 3 weeks ago!). Therefore delivery is still a couple of weeks away!

Now I'm not a happy customer. Mac and Mac's customer service so far has been very poor - when you are buying expensive furniture the least you can expect is a prompt customer service who actually call you and don't have to be chased all the time. It's now been 14 weeks since we ordered when they told us to expect 8 to 10 weeks. At this rate the delivery time will be double what they told us

Update - April 2013 - The bed finally arrived after we emailed Shaun Madgwick who actually seemed to care. He told us that there were delays in the factory due to leather processing and then a large trade show that resulted in the factory having a backlog (i.e. everything we'd been told before was a lie). The bed then arrived the week he promised (only just - they ended up doing a Saturday delivery!).

Update - January 2014 - It seems Mac and Mac have now gone into liquidation. There is an announcement on their website about the options for getting money back that has been paid on outstanding orders. There are some companies coming out the woodwork who are trying to pick up extra business from Mac and Macs failure - at the moment the consensus seems to be proceed with caution as there is no explanation how companies have got the Mac and Mac customer email address list! See the comments below for the latest discussion and gossip. Please keep the postings sensible - anything inappropriate will be removed.


Never order from Mac and Mac. I am an interior deisgner and have had the unfortunate experience of dealing with this company. Customer service is appalling. I waited 4 months for a Cattalan Italia order, and am currently waiting for another order for which I have waited 4 months from date of order. They have told me it left Italy 2 weeks ago( 13th September 2013) and should have arrived by now. I am still waiting. They do not return calls or give you a straight answer as to when you can expect delivery. Find another supplier - do not deal with this company!!!!

Comment by Charlotte Candillier at 11:19 on Mon 30 September 2013

i am in exactly the same situation with mac and mac as the customer above. goods were continually being promised, always just about to arrive, but they never did. so we cancelled. and then they arrived. we sent them back and we are still waiting for a refund months on - of course the payment is always 'just about to be sent'. off to the small claims court for us! never use mac and mac interiors.

Comment by Julie Currie at 19:44 on Sun 6 October 2013

Couldn't agree more with the previous comments. All seemed great when ordering. Their attitude seems to have changed completely when trying to get some sense out of where the order has got to and the delivery date that never was. I get the impression they are used to customers not being happy - perhaps that tells you something. If you have paid pay using a credit card and they fail to deliver, it might be worth contacting the credit card company and asking for a refund - you may be able to claim your money back under Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act for purchases over £100 and less than £30,000

Comment by Mike Tattum at 16:15 on Tue 8 October 2013

I too have had a similiar experience, I paid in full for a table 6 months ago,I receive no updates, no phone calls, no letters, no explanations, just a new date when I call them on when to expect my table and then suprise suprise it doesn't arrive. I will NEVER shop with them again

Comment by Nicola Jones at 16:31 on Sat 12 October 2013

I ordered some lights. Took 4 months to arrive and when you try calling them there is no one to answer. Worst customer services I have come across in a long time. They do not respond to emails and it took a threatening call to speak with the MD to get someone to call back.

Returned the goods under their policy and refunds should be in 4 weeks. Guess what it is 5 weeks now and still chasing! Never again

Comment by Pankaj Patel at 11:31 on Sat 26 October 2013

I only wished I had reviewed Mac and Mac prior to me placing a large order.

The service has been shocking to date very similar to the problems everyone has experienced about. I have never taken much notice of such sites as these before but wish I had read the comments.

I even went into the store and heard the sales guy say to a customer that delivery would still be around 6 weeks - i.e. order now, delivery would be beginning of January!!!!!! Yet when I challenged this I was told that it wasn't the same furniture company and there would be no problems on delivery. Begs the question then - which furniture could I order to get within the correct delivery time or is it a lottery??? I was also accused of lying which I am far from impressed about when I raised the original delivery time scales.

I have been assured (from the company in Italy) that my goods will now arrive at the end of November. Upon my complaint when visiting the store I was also offered some temporary furniture which is a help but why oh why could they not have done this the first time there was a delay??? I believe that it was more a case of I had physically gone to the store to complain rather loudly.

I do not understand the customer service phone line - it always goes to voice mail so you are never able to speak to anyone. Email or in person appears to be the only possible answer.

I am a strong believer in customer services and unfortunately Mac and Mac have so far failed miserably. I hope very much to be able to write something positive in the next couple of weeks. I will be writing to the owner Owen Macrell about the problems I have had to date in the hope that improvements can be made.

Comment by THomer at 15:57 on Wed 20 November 2013

I bought some vases online, paid in full £500, in July. Delivered in October. We didn't like them or feel that they lived up to their internet description. We emailed the day of delivery to cancel them under the 7 day cooling off rules. They were collected from us 12 days later by macandmac's delivery firm - we agreed to pay £45 for this. Here we are 7 weeks later (from cancellation) still waiting for our refund.

Comment by M Walker at 12:33 on Thu 28 November 2013

I totally agree with all the comments and was considering a refund also but dismayed to learn of your delays getting that also. 6 months and counting waiting for a table, constant chasing, constant lies about it being in the next delivery. No answer from customer services, and the latest was we were promised by Kieran that it is in 'the next' delivery but speaking with another agent, we were told that delivery wasnt confirmed yet. Im assuming they dont pay their suppliers, when I look at other companies and they can deliver the same item in 2 weeks. Im tempted to go in person to the store for my refund at this point to demand it instantly.

Buying from MAC and Mac Interiors is the worst experience by far that I have ever had with a retailer.

Comment by P Doyle at 10:45 on Mon 2 December 2013

The real name of the company is LCC Contract Furniture Limited.

The name of the owner is Mr. Owen Mackrell.

This company has been put into a CVA under the Insolvency Act 1986 a few weeks ago.

You can go to the company house website and see for yourself -

If you have placed an order, demand to be given proper information.

The best way is to go into the showroom when it's busy and make a scene and demand to be given proper information.

They owe suppliers over 1 Million pounds.

Comment by mohd at 8:06 on Thu 19 December 2013

LCC Retail has been set up by the same owner, Owen Mackrell. He lives at: <MODERATED>. 100% legal and 100% immoral.

Watch out for **** ***** and MRS **** *********-*****, they are involved.

They have not been paying their suppliers and now suppliers like BOTEMPI have cut off supply. Having been in touch with the UK agent for BOTEMPI.

If you paid on credit card, youll be OK. If not, youll probably not see any money.

Comment by Kentman at 15:12 on Fri 20 December 2013

I ordered a dining table and chairs in May with a promise of delivery before the manufacturers, Bontempi, closed for August. To cut a long story short here we are in December, 7 months later, with no table and chairs. We have had all the excuses under the sun from Kieran, John Ryder and now Shaun Madgwick, the showroom manager. We decided to cut our loses and have cancelled the order. We were promised, should have known better at this stage, a refund by bank transfer. Had an email on Wednesday morning saying the monies had left their bank account and should be in mine by the end of of Thursday. It is now Saturday and there is no sign of the money. I now intend on contacting my bank to ask advice as I paid by credit card.

Would appreciate any feed back from others who cancelled their order.

Comment by Stuart at 23:45 on Fri 20 December 2013

If you do a little digging, you'll find hundreds of angry, dissatisfied customers who have posted reviews online.

see some here:


Of course, mac and mac are doing their best to try to hide / quash / remove these reviews.

In my opinion, they are posting "positive" fake reviews themselves (read them and decide for yourself if you think they are genuine) in order to push the real reviews down the list and off the first page, so that people don't see them.

take 2 minutes and look for yourself.

It's scary reading.

they take your money (often 100% upfront by offering you a bigger discount)

and use that money to pay old debts instead of paying the manufacturer for YOUR order.

the manufacturer doesn't get paid (on time) and so you don't get your goods (on time - if at all).

they lie saying that there are production delays

they lie saying the manufacturer is having problems when in fact the truth is that they owe the manufacturers money, which is why they don't deliver the goods.

many manufacturers have now stopped dealing with these guys.

they have a terrible reputation in the industry.

why don't they have a facebook, twitter or any other social media page?

they have a great website - so why no social media??

they are now in a CVA under the Insolvency Act 1986 - before you give them your money, ensure you know what you're letting yourself in for.

they owe more that £1million so if you've paid by card i suggest you go get your refund before the doors close for good.

my advice - avoid like the plague - there are plenty of other reputable shops out there where you can buy the same stuff.

Comment by Jacob Cook at 10:05 on Sun 22 December 2013

If you want to make sure these guys get what they deserve, post your experiences on the review sites.

If i cant get my money back at least I can make sure they won’t get anyone else’s.

If they owe you furniture or money – go to the shop with a van and ask them to load up furniture of the same value owed to you into the van and call it a day.

Once they go bust, you’ll not get much (if anything at all)

Comment by David Towler at 10:17 on Sun 22 December 2013

All - same experience as above. I have however managed to get a refund. I went to the store yesterday (22/12/13) and demanded a refund. Turns out they are not too keen on a 6ft 2 big bloke telling other customer of their experience . Money hit my account this evening. They really are an appalling company. Don't let them tell you showroom staff can't do a refund -they can do it on their chip and pin terminal - they just need their authorisation card to swipe.

Comment by Simon at 21:58 on Mon 23 December 2013

Further to my previous comment on the 20 December, I now have a refund after threatening to go into the showroom and kick off.

Comment by stuart at 14:17 on Tue 24 December 2013

It all makes sense now - our experience is identical to many of the above. Never ever one phone call or message returned. I cave tried calling 6 times over Xmas and left messages every time. Over the last 2 days I have not even wen able to get an answer - constantly engaged like the phone is off the hook. Does anybody know if they have actually stopped trading now as that is my suspicion?

Comment by Neil Reynolds at 10:46 on Sat 4 January 2014

Kicking myself from ordering, won't answer any calls been trying over Xmas, have they now closed their showroom? Have now re-ordered with Lime but how do we get our money back if not on a credit card?

Comment by Pat at 16:21 on Sat 4 January 2014

I called the main london distributor who deals with the product I bought ,for the Italiian manufacturers email ( to find out if they knew anything)and the gentleman I spoke to said that they had stopped trading and owed many suppliers a considerable amount of money .I am in a slightly different position (mostly on the floor now )as my faulty sofa unit was picked up in November and I was asked to wait for a refund which was to be paid after 30 days . This is all very cynical as this company must have been aware by then of this outcome .I have had the engaged phone thing for several days now . Please be aware that this is hearsay from another distributor .

Thankfully it looks fairly positive for me as I used a credit card to pay ,for the added protection but it will be a lengthy process to be re paid . It is all horrendous as it concerns several thousands of pounds that I saved long and hard for ,as is the floor .

Comment by Jane at 16:52 on Sun 5 January 2014

Ordered a table back in October, said that the materials was not in stock to make it so they have delayed it. Now ordered more over Xmas and seem to think I'm now ******! What shall I do? I paid by debit card!

Comment by Pete at 22:50 on Mon 6 January 2014

Have been advised to email RN@AABRS.COM

they are dealing with insolvency

Comment by Paula at 10:56 on Tue 7 January 2014

Im in the same boat. I have just sent off an email to Rebecca at email address posted by Paula in above post. Paid for a sofa from Italy and a table. They have spent last two months slagging the Italian company off saying they wont deal with this supplier again. More like the other way round. Anyway I paid on credit card so hopefully protected

Comment by Richard at 14:09 on Tue 7 January 2014

Same as you all with Mac & Mac ,lies, deceit, no furniture but 1 year later all furniture here............But please read this. The company Marlow Davies, they buy up Mac &Mac sale stock~ The Fraud team at my bank are checking them out as they owe me £425 refund from last Oct, which they have assured me on 3 occasions it has gone into my bank, with emailed receipts! Also a chaise that I bought in Oct collapsed a few days after delivery but i have had to wait til yesterday, broken furniture in my lounge all over christmas, for an assessor, who said it was not repairable. Now the fight starts with getting the money back.

Comment by Karen at 11:32 on Wed 8 January 2014

It looks like they have taken 7k of my money and run! I have strong legal representation and i have been told anyone who bought furniture after 1st Nov may not have any chance to get anything back from the liquidators. They started a new compnay after that and just took everyones orders with no intent to fulfill. God knows where that 2 months worth of money went. Serious fruad! I would seriously worry if I was the owener Owen Mackrell!

Comment by Pete at 14:15 on Wed 8 January 2014

Ordered a light fitting at the beginning of December with a 14 day delivery date. Needless to say it's a no show. So like everyone else, tried calling but the number is unobtainable and emailing is no success. Then today my husband saw this posting and I got straight on the phone to my bank who has immediately credited the payment. As long as you request the refund 'non-delivery of goods' and it's within 3 months of payment there shouldn't be a problem (fabulous customer services at First Direct Visa!!). Mine was only for £360; I feel for you who have paid thousands.

Comment by Eliza at 18:49 on Wed 8 January 2014

Further to my post before I have located another company that supplies the same manufacturers goods and it appears (although I am careful not to be 100%) that no order was actually placed with the supplier at all for my furniture back in July. Speaks volumes and empahasises on Pete's email above.

Comment by Richard at 15:37 on Thu 9 January 2014

I bought an expensive Cattelan Italia glass table. I was lucky (initially) compared to others as I received it. But at the end of last year it totally shattered over night - had it done so during the day it would have caused serious injury. Not surprisingly I have had no response from the dreaded M&M. I shall go after the manufacturers but little chance of success.

Comment by David Ratcliffe at 16:31 on Thu 9 January 2014

we have read these comments with an increasing sense of deja vue as they mirror our experience exactly. We ordered an expensive Calligaris table and six dining chairs in September. 8-10 weeks delivery was promised but, of course nothing materialised during the promised delivery window. We started chasing - phone calls to customer service were not answered nor returned. the sales staff were polite but unhelpful. occasionally we got through to Kieran who, it became clear, would say anything to get you off the phone - 100% certainty of arrival from Italy next week, then not on the lorry, as it turned out but definitely on the next delivery etc. etc. We once spoke to John Ryder who claimed that the Italians were having problems sourcing raw materials - he failed to mention that they were having problems sourcing money from Mac & Mac. Eventually our goods were delivered on 21st December - about two weeks before they finally went bust. We were pretty disgusted with the service but didn't realise how lucky we were. We can only commiserate with you guys and hope you get due compensation. Is there any way in which we can collectively make life difficult for Mr Ryder and Co?

Comment by Maggie and Alan Peake at 18:14 on Thu 9 January 2014

I purchased a table from Mac and Mac in June 2013 and as soon as they delayed delivery from late July to mid September and then again to the end of September, I had a feeling they had financial difficulties. I had heated conversations with their customer services department and after continually being fobbed off, I phoned the manufacturer in Italy. I got through to the exports department to be told that my order was waiting to be dispatched but they hadn't been paid !! Mac and Mac denied this. I eventually got my order after lots of phone calls but the base was scratched, wrong bolts used to fix the base to the glass etc. They promised me a replacement and I am still waiting 2 months on ! I'm disgusted with the whole process and the way I have been treated.

Comment by Gill at 18:51 on Thu 9 January 2014

I am reading these negative reviews with great interest and no sympathy.

We are a modern furniture retailer who are in direct competition with mac and mac and over the years have lost many customers to this company because they have undercut us on price and people buy from the cheapest source forgetting that customer service, trust and reliability (and honesty) costs money. In our experience it's a very british disease. Hopefully in the case of mac & mac it will be a lesson learned for their bargain hunter clients

Comment by david evans at 20:25 on Thu 9 January 2014

Lucky you David! You are obviously a man of great "means" and with those remarks clearly don't understand what has gone on and may i say in the light of things, you are being clearly insensitive ! Surely if you have the chance to buy the same item at many different prices you as an intelligent man would choose the cheapest if the shop floor service/ 1st contact is good which of course we know it is otherwise all these lovely people who have lost shed loads of money wouldn't have been seduced. we all entered into the sales in good faith but possibly didn't see the Conmen coming and have the privilege of hindsight. Your comments aren't helpful to anyone.

Comment by karen Hancock at 21:19 on Thu 9 January 2014

I mentioned above about my problem but forgot to say that I was contacted today by another supplier advising that they had been authorised by some of the furniture brands to 'help and satisfy any outstanding Mac and Mac orders'. When checking the directorship, the director of the alternative supplier was previously on the board of LLC Contract Furniture Ltd.....funny that !

Comment by Gill at 21:39 on Thu 9 January 2014

Gill, may I ask what company this was as I don't want to re order my goods with another bogus firm?

Comment by Pete at 23:37 on Thu 9 January 2014

<Comment removed by Admin>

Comment by Braeden Wilton at 8:15 on Fri 10 January 2014

Have been waiting since Jan 19th 2013 for them to fulfil our order correctly.

So many lies and rude conversations as if it was our fault.

Very, very annoyed.

Got the below email from Calligaris for any of their products if this helps

We have been authorised by the following brands to help and satisfy any outstanding Mac & Mac orders.

Can we please draw your attention that we are not involved in any credit or debit card chargebacks or refunds of any nature as we have no connection with Mac & Mac. However, we endeavour to match the price given by Mac & Mac (this excludes any clearance or ex-display sales)

We have been informed by the manufacturers that many orders are ready for dispatch. As a result, we have set up a hotline and email address specifically to look after these orders. If the lines are busy please email us your contact details and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Please note we are also offering 6 Months Interest Free Credit subject to status with just 10% deposit required and nothing to pay until 30 days after receiving your goods. If you require further information or you would like us to assist you, please call one of the the hotline numbers below.


TEL: 020 8568 1868 and 020 8758 2462


Comment by S. Lamb at 8:41 on Fri 10 January 2014

Ditto to all of the above - and I had the same email yesterday. Only 10 minutes ago, Helen at Calligaris Interiors Teddington was still maintaining that Mac and Mac has/had no connection with them. I don't believe that. David Evans cleverly didn't leave his company's name as I would imagine all of us bargain hunters would rather gnaw off our own hands than do business with such a supercilious man! The phrase *** *** **** ******* comes to mind.

Comment by P EFFEMEY at 10:20 on Fri 10 January 2014

So sorry to hear of eveyones experience. We had dealt with them for a few years and many times over the last 18 months and the service got worse and worse until we would no longer deal with them, shame as the product is very good. They constantly made us look bad to our clients. This is the current info on their web site confirming they have ceased trading

I hope you all get back what you should

Comment by Jason Barnett - Fusion interior design at 11:14 on Fri 10 January 2014

<POST REMOVED BY ADMIN> Please keep this thread sensible

Comment by Unhappy at 16:09 on Fri 10 January 2014

Reading through these comments makes me feel somewhat queasy,looks like the lynch mob is set to have a hanging.Whilst having every sympathy with those who have lost money,many have paid by credit card and will be reimbursed by your credit card company.

I am at a loss to understand why the veiled threats against the owner and why post his home address on a public platform,his company went into receivership because of lack of trade,he is not a war criminal.

It is not an easy decision to close your doors,maybe he was forced to by a greedy landlord or equally greedy council,quite naturally he tried to trade his way out hoping things would improve which clearly they didn't.

One thing is for sure though,Mac&Mac had a terrific range of high end products and I am equally sure that if people had patronised the shop more it would not have closed down.By patronising I mean actually spend money with them not go into the shop ,find a comfy sofa,take down all relevant manufacturer's codes and then order on the internet from one of the big boys.

When you open a shop in this country you are highly likely to have to give the landlord a personal guarantee,some even take a charge on your home,the bank will require a personal guarantee and truss you up like a christmas turkey,all costing you serious amounts of money,so entering into liquidation is not an easy or comfortable option and is never taken lightly.

Perhaps less of a hate campaign to the directors might be appropriate,he will have enough problems on his hands and no doubt will have lost a considerable sum of personal money.

So this is yet another retail tragedy caused by lack of spending in store.All people want these days is discount,forget the product,how much can I have off?Well this is what happens,soon there will only be the big supermarkets and DIY sheds.

Comment by Philo Lar at 18:46 on Fri 10 January 2014

Kieron in customer services has been the most unhelpful person ever. Rude and terrible at his job

Comment by Tom at 18:56 on Fri 10 January 2014

Dear Braeden Wilton

This is Dino Wanli. Director of calligaris interiors

I have been in the furniture retail business for over 20 years and not one of my customers have every lost a penny as a result of one of my businesses. Yes I was previously a director of Mac and Mac and this is no secret as this is public information available to everybody via companieshouse or any credit agency. I resigned from Mac and Mac in 2012 and I started the Calligaris Interiors mono brand stores with a partnership agreement with Calligaris Italy established since 1923. I have outstanding business reputation and not one negative review has been published regarding myself or any of my businesses in the 20 years I have been involved in the furniture business.

I believe you may have had an issue with Mac and Mac well after I had left the business and you are right to say our company contacted Mac and Mac customers. At the end of the day theses customers still need to be provided with a quality service and they were only contacted in an effort to see if we could help them to bring unsatisfied orders from the suppliers. I feel it is unfair to apportion any ill feelings you may have for Mac and Mac on us as we pride ourselves in providing a high quality and reliable service. For added peace of mind, in our letter, we offered a small deposit of 10% down (with a credit card for extra protection) and 6 months interest free with nothing to pay till 30 days after delivery.

Part of the data we used to contact customers were given with consent of the source and we have acted within the email regulations providing customers with a simple one click option to unsubscribe.

Your opinions are valuable to us and it is only through the poor service of other companies that we can learn and increase the value that we provide to our customers. I encourage you to visit any of our four showrooms to experience for yourself our level of service.

Dino Wanli. Calligaris Interiors

Comment by Dino Wanli at 23:40 on Fri 10 January 2014

<Comment removed by Admin>

Comment by Braeden Wilton at 9:03 on Sat 11 January 2014

Philo Lar ....are you serious ? This has nothing whatsoever to do with "not enough people patronising a store" ...this has EVERYTHING to do with appalling customer service , lies!!! ! fraudulent business practice, non payment of suppliers and virtually every other shady aspect that could possibly be implemented by a a firm that clearly could not give a damn about the CUSTOMERS who paid money in good faith for furniture which they had no intention of supplying ! We will see who is right when al the dust settles . There is no lynch mob here ,no gloating about a failed business ,there is misery ,debt and skulduggery ...and the poor people who have lost ,I repeat LOST ,thousands of pounds !!! They deserve better and all involved with Mac & Mac deserve scorn and all the legal might that can be brought on them . I had an extremely lucky escape 2 days prior to the doors being finally closed and their sales staff were still willing to take orders AND money from innocent and unaware potential customers I was able to tell a few not to buy anything and showed them the reviews in the showroom !!! Watchdog already informed but I positively urge everyone scammed by these people to add weight to the case that will surely follow ,if only to ensure that Owen Mackrell and his cronies are never allowed to do this to anyone ever again

Comment by Badabing at 11:25 on Sat 11 January 2014

I ordered a 5 1/2 grand sofa last jan they said it would arrive in 12 weeks but arrived in 7-bargain....!

Great service so ordered a 550 lamp which took 5 months which pissed me off a bit but on a whole this store was a blessing for stock & price-I bet there are many happy & lucky customers out there...... Very shocked to see this store down....

Comment by Dom at 23:05 on Sun 12 January 2014

I have to say feel quite sorry for the poor sales and customer service staff who where quite frankly left in the dark by a boss who has quite clearly lost the plot! If you work for someone you have a certain loyalty towards them, even under intense pressure, so you carry on and do your job. If the staff are not being told what is happening behind the scenes it makes it very difficult to tell customers ANYTHING! Owen Mackrell has an awful lot to answer for, an apology to his staff wouldn't go a miss, but that would be far too beneath him! So let me just finish by saying thanks for nothing Mr Mackrell, I hope you never trade in business again, dirty, rotten scoundrel!!!

Comment by Jennifer Mallot at 22:00 on Mon 13 January 2014

Dear Braedon Wilton, David Towler, Kentman, Jacob Cook and mohd,

I do hope that you are pleased with your crusade in bringing down this independent family run business and starting a personal attack on the owners.

I think it takes a lot of courage to post information about people from behind the safety of your PC screens.

My real point though is that I wonder if any of you ever stopped to consider the following:

1) that a CVA is in place to protect the creditors, ensuring that they are paid in full over a period of time?

2) that this is a step taken by a company director to "trade out" and restructure the business to correct in imbalance that had probably developed?

3) that now the company has ceased trading HMRC will receive very little of the £1m owed affecting our government and, in a way, each of us personally?

4) that many customers will receive very little of the money they are owed and certainly not the furniture that they had ordered?

As Philo Lar has said above, we should be supporting local independents and not creating a witch hunt which has obviously now resulted in not only the business owner, the staff, the government but also any customers with outstanding orders considerable loss in many cases.

I also agree that the discount and compensation cultures (not helped by the media) will more than likely have played a part in this sorry event.

It's a sad site to see people jumping on a bandwagon, effectively joyous to see so many people that have now lost out.

I guess we will all now have to stick to the retail park warehouses.

Comment by Observer at 9:03 on Tue 14 January 2014


Owen Macrell (Mac & Mac Director and Owner)

The reality is the store’s owner is dishonest and deserves all the negative comments being made; family run business or not.


Staff, in particular sales staff, knew the company was in serious trouble but never gave any customer any advanced warning. The stores credit card facility was taken away months ago, suppliers stopped supplying, unpaid bills being chased daily, they knew all too well what was happening, they were looking after number one, although I understand why they did, I also say, my heart doesn’t bleed for them.

Dino Wanli, Director of Calligaris Interiors

It’s obvious to me that you obtained Mac & Mac customer list from your ex partner Owen. ************, Mac & Mac customer list was an asset of the business so should not have been handed over “under the table” for anyone else to profit from other than creditors. Are you are creditor? No just in my opinion another greedy opportunist trying to cash in.

I think you are not as innocent as you are making yourself out to be, you can’t sugarcoat a turd and the say “honest it tastes good”

Philo Lar (and any of his supporters)

Get your head out of your **** and join the real world

My Final Thoughts. Owen Macrell knew he was going bust a long time before his staff was still asking for 100% deposits on furniture they knew was never ever going to be delivered. Owen Macrell set up a new business in August last year to safeguard himself, his little safety nest, it’s a pity he didn’t do the same for the buying public. Owen suck up all the negative comments, then hopefully you may develop a conscious and don’t do it again.

If you can’t do the time don’t do the crime.

Comment by The Facts at 18:42 on Thu 16 January 2014

Dear David Evans

Your quotation is not really helpful and rather bitter and jealous. Like many people I do not believe people bought because we are bargain hunters. I went there as i liked there product range and cost was secondary and certainly not cheap.

You should be very careful for what you wish for. And as you quote your business is all about customer service, trust and reliability (and honesty) costs money your post betrays what you state.

Your real name is no doubt not David Evans but for me I will recover my money on credit card but i have 100% sympathy for several people I have heard in the closing weeks who were paying by cash, cheque, bank draft etc. Hindsight is a wonderful thing but you David Evans also have a disease which is caused bitterness. You unsympathetic man.

Why don't you post as you offer such a fabulous service what your company is called and then offer a hand and maybe attract some business yourself. That would be an intelligent post and maybe that marketing policy would of bought you some business.

Anyway on a personal not I went to Micasa in Northwood and bought some furniture A very helpful accommodating bunch. Hope this may help some of you.

Good luck to all

Comment by Richard at 9:57 on Fri 17 January 2014

Hello like many of you I had a bad luck with MAc and Mac, luckily I have managed to get the full refund by my credit card company, and managed to get my order processed by another company, I must say that I have done my search before ordering from another company simply because there are so many and I was worried to get problems again, but I must say not all the company are the same thank god, there are still some honest people out there. I can definitely recommend family run business with real people talking over the phone :) Good Luck to all of you

Comment by Renato Few at 11:29 on Sun 19 January 2014

Comment by Renato Few at 11:29 on Sun 19 January 2014


Such an obvious and shameless plug...

Comment by John at 13:43 on Mon 20 January 2014

What a load of old leeches-this has run its course now...!

Comment by Dom at 14:56 on Mon 20 January 2014

<Comment removed by Admin>

Comment by Ross at 15:29 on Tue 21 January 2014

LCC Contract Furniture Ltd's liquidator Accura Accountants will hold a meeting for creditors of LCC and Mac&Mac at Holiday Inn, London Heathrow, Bath Road/Sipson Way at 12 noon on Thursday January 30. See for info.

Comment by ShyOneHorse at 18:20 on Tue 28 January 2014


Comment by Paul S at 18:06 on Fri 31 January 2014

Hi all, has anyone been successfull with any charge backs from debit cards as yet?

Comment by Pete at 10:53 on Fri 21 February 2014

Also a fellow Mac and Mac Customer and still awaiting a full refund via my credit card company under Section 75 for a BBItalia Sofa and Pouffe. Fortunately, I had kept all the emails/voicemails from Mac and Mac so really hoping that the refund will be forthcoming soon, provided all the support literature some 20 days ago now.

Has anyone attended the two day private sale of showroom stock via Vale Furnishers?

Comment by Claire, Cobham at 9:26 on Thu 13 March 2014

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