Wed Dec 24th 2014 19:16:00: Heatmiser PRT-TS Wifi Web Control PHP Interface

Having had a Heatmiser PRT-TS Wifi installed in our house for 6 months I was rather surprised to discover quite how insecure the Heatmiser Wifi Thermostats are. The web interface does not require a password (if you know what page to access) and the protocol used by the app can be brute forced pretty quickly.

My solution to this problem was to write a secure PHP based web interface to run on the webserver on the NAS drive that is already behind the firewall in the house. This can then access the Heatmiser via the local LAN, but the only thing accessible from the internet is the NAS drive that is properly secured.

I've also added logging and graphing capability. If you create a CRON job on your NAS drive to call the log script every minute, then the temperature information will get logged in a MySQL database and can then be used to generate graphs of tempertures.

Here is a copy of the PHP code. Just copy the code onto a webserver within your house and edit the config files as per the readme

Then open the port on your router so you can access that webserver from the internet.

You'll need some basic technical knowledge to use this software, but this should save you writing it from scratch.

If you have any comments or improvements, feel free to comment below, or email me.

This software includes:


Version History

  • Version 2.0 - Restructured the files and added temperature logging functionality.
  • Version 1.1 - Fixed some old style php opening tags that snuck in and no longer work on newer versions of PHP.
  • Version 1.0 - Initial release.


Hello there and kudos for your initiative. I would like your help since I cannot login, I get a "Failed to connect: Connection refused" response. Do i have to correct something? Settings have been edited by me.


Comment by Pericles Vassiliou at 18:06 on Mon 16 March 2015

Hi Pericles,

Sorry for the slow reply - I've been on holiday.

Based on my tests just now, "Connection Refused" suggests you have the wrong IP address and the IP address you are using is some other device on your network.


Comment by Gary at 23:58 on Fri 10 April 2015

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