Tue Jan 19th 2016 22:24:00: Spare Parts for Mezzo D10

Having had a Mezzo D10 folding bike for many years I've had to replace quite a lot of bits on it (as I do about 2000 miles per year on it). Here is a list of parts that are compatible....

Drive Train

  • Front ring - TA Alize 130 BCD Chainrings 56T Outer Silver
  • Rear Cassette - Shimano Ultegra 6700 10 Speed Road Cassette 11-28t
  • Chain - SRAM PC1051 10 Speed Chain - You will need two of these, as the Mezzo has a particularly long chain, so the default length is about 4 links short

Gear Cables

The gear cable is very long. I have been using a Gore Ride On Extra Long Tandem cable up until now. It is real good, but you can't get them anymore. Not sure what I will use when it next needs replacing... If you shorten the cable outers to the bare minimum (taking note of the fold, as the cables need to be longest during the fold) then you can just get away with a 2.2m gear cable. You need to be careful doing this, as it is easy to make the outers too short and therefore not be able to fold the bike. With the "standard length" gear cable outers you probably need a cable that is about 2.4m long (that is a guess from memory).


I've got a FSA Orbit MX Sealed Headset 1 1/8' on my Mezzo now. I think a Superstar Uno will also do the job, but they were out of stock of Red ones at the time I needed one!


I've replaced the rear wheel as I wore through the rim. My new wheel has a 28 hole Hope Mono RS Rear Road Hub which is 130mm wide. This is a great hub, but is very loud due to the small wheels (Hope hubs normally make a satisfyingly loud click and 16" wheels go round about twice as fast as 700C wheels, so they are twice as loud as normal!)

My wheel has a Black Velocity Aeroheat 16 inch rim with Machined Side Walls (MSW). My local bike shop (Bicycle Ambulance in Cambridge) can order these rims in, or you can buy them online from Brick lane bikes in London. Bricklane bikes built my wheel for me, but after 1 year of use I had a few spokes go. I emailed them this feedback, but they did not reply. I can only assume they build wheels with cheap spokes, and given this experience would not recommend them. Not all bike shops can make small wheels as they will need a spoke cutter to make the shorter spokes. Currently I would recommend Bicycle Ambulance in Cambridge as they have a spoke cutter, so are a cost effective option.

Front Brake

I managed to damage my front brake caliper in an accident and have found that a Shimano R650 caliper (57mm) is compatible with a bit of work. The standard mounting bolt on this caliper is not right for the Mezzo forks and the original bolt is not compatible with the R650 caliper. I ended up running a Die down the R650 bolt thread and extending the thread quite a lot. I then trimmed the bolt down to suit. Now fitted it is much better than the original caliper.

FYI the Tektro R559 is far too big and is not suitable

Seat Post

I've not needed to find a replacement seat post, but did get mine re-anodized. I also got someone to machine a very very shallow groove in the seatpost which I filled with white paint, so I can tell how high the seat needs to go.


The "bolt" (the bit that goes through the middle) on the main hinge mechanism on my D9 has just broken. Any idea where to get a replacement?

Comment by John at 22:13 on Fri 10 June 2016

Hi John,

Have you tried you local Mezzo selling bike shop? Mine were able to get me a new Mezzo front mud guard once when the old one had a little incident! If you have trouble try contacting Ben Haywards in Cambridge. I'm sure they will do mail order if they can get hold of the part you need.


Comment by Gary at 19:07 on Tue 28 June 2016

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