Sat Apr 2nd 2016 11:16:00: Top Grass... Questionable Marketing?

Yesterday I received a letter from a company called "TopGrass Professional Lawn Treatment".

Their letter felt very... 'local'. They started with "I am writing to inform you about Top Grass, a local, independent professional lawn treatment service that has opened a new branch in your area". That does come across very local to me. But then I smelt a rat... seemed too good to be true?

So I googled their address. 23 King Street, Cambridge. Oh. So their office is in Mailboxes Etc? I guess by "opening a new branch", they meant "opening a new postal forwarding account with Mailboxes etc"!

Their phone number is also odd, as according to google it is connected with Campbell Chishti & Co Accountants in Cambridge and Cruising Motorcycle Tours, as well as Top Grass.

The only thing that I know for certain is that the company is owned by Tom Arnold and based in Essex. I wonder if I called the Cambridge office whether I'd end up dealing with someone in Essex?

All very odd and a bit too keen to come across as local in my opinion!


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