Wed Nov 22nd 2017 14:27:04: Bike Tape / Heli Tape / Copter Tape Review

I thought the internet could do with a review of helicopter tapes available for bikes as the information I could find when in the market for heli tape was a bit patchy and on old forum posts.

Biketape (Bike Tart)

I've used this before in small areas on my mountain bikes. It is thicker than the Rhino Hide stuff, nice and robust and forms around shapes with the application of heat extremely well. It also sticks really well - it has seen all weathers and rubs and is still stuck down as well as the day I applied it.

I would be happy to use this stuff in future.

Rhino Hide (Paragon Tapes)

Cheaper option. I used the matte version for my commuting bike and covered most of the paintwork to protect it whilst going on and off trains. It comes in wide and long lengths which is good for covering a complete bike and whole tubes. It is thinner than the bike tart tape. Is quite sensitive to heat and either forms well or melts, depending on how hot you go. I was very disappointed with the forming and sticking. Without heat it will straighten itself out when applied to a curved surface after a few hours and come unstuck?. With heat it sticks a bit better, but has still come a bit unstuck at the edges despite my best efforts.

To avoid bubbles you need to stick it in one place and push it down from there. Otherwise you trap air and have lots of bubbles that are impossible to remove.

I would not use this tape again.

Just Riding Along Copter Tape (JRA)

I've not tried this one. If you have please comment below!

3M 8671 tape

Forums suggest this is good stuff, however I've not tried it. Available via, Tweaks and ebay (although i'd be worried there is no guarantee the stuff on ebay is the real deal).


I've not tried this one. If you have please comment below!


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