Mon Apr 1st 2019 22:18:00: Attaching Dyson to Bosch PSM 100 Sander

I've been trying to work out how to attach a Dyson Vacuum cleaner in place of the dust box on a Bosch PSM 100 Sander. There does not seem to be an accessory from Bosch to help with this in a cost effective way. However after a bit of googling I have found a solution!

All you need is a Washing Machine Drain Hose and a bit of plumbing. I used Screwfix "Washing Machine Drain Hose 2.5m x 21mm", a "FloPlast Hose Connector" and a Right angle bit of pipe that I already had.

The large end of the Hose attaches to the 29mm (OD) pipe out the back of the sander. This matches the ID of the hose perfectly. Then use the plumbing fittings plus a bit of parcel tape to attach to the Dyson.

I was sanding down plaster board in preparation for painting so it generated a lot of fine dust. With the Dyson attached most, but not all, the dust was caught. Much less tidying up!


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