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More of my Sites
Fogma My other website, which I may get round to doing something useful with at some point.
DramSoc The website of the Drama Society at Imperial College Union.
RobotWars - Infernal Contraption The robot I am currently working on at Imperial College in London, for entry into the TV competition Robot Wars
RobotWars - The Necromancer The website for the robot I entered into robotwars in 2000.
Freebyte - Epoc Freeware A small listing of Freeware Epoc programs which I maintain.

OPL Programming Resources The place for links to loads of OPX files for the Psion Series 5.
The Psionic Files Need to know the structure of a file format or something technical - take a look at The Psionic Files

PC Websites

Freebyte A brilliant website as it tells you of all the free stuff there is around on the net
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