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Web Pic The Internet and Making Webpages

In the following pages you will find hints and tips about using the internet and some cool things that you can add to your webpages.

Ever wondered what country CC represents? Well maybe not but look at my country codes page and see a large list of virtually all the country codes on the net.

What's your IP Address?

Well if you are using Netscape 4 or higher, its:

Miscellaneous Netscape 4 Tip:

Want to get rid of the Netscape news, tips and information HTML page that is downloaded whenever you open the Messenger email program?

Well it is possible, all you have to do is edit the PREFS.JS file that is normally kept in Program files\Netscape\Users. To do this load it up in Notepad, ignore the "Do Not Edit" warning and add the following line:


Netscape News Page

Now you should be able to open Netscape Messenger without it initiating a dial-up connection to the internet, as it won't try and download the news page.




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