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Click Here For a Large Archive of Downloadable Programs for the Psion Series 3 Classic

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These programs were all designed on a trusty Psion Series 3a, however they will of course run on the Series 3c or mx.

Program Name



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TestMake and Testlern (S) 1.11 The easy route to learn French vocabulary, Physics equations, Chemical reactions.... Info Download
Letsshop (S) 1.0 Manage your company carefully to make yourself rich! Info Download
Worm (S) 1.1 The most entertaining game ever! Info Download
ListView (S) 1.0 An excellent program with which you can view list
of the entries in a data files.
Info Download
OandX (F) 1.0 and 2.0 Naughts and Crosses for the Psion. Info Download
Degrads (F) 1.0 Another useful program for converting Degrees into
Radians and back again.
Info Download
Ratic (F) 1.0 A very useful Quadratic Equation Solver. Info Download
TimeCalc (F) 1.0 Adds times together for you Info Download
Char (F) 1.0 A character map for the Series 3a/c. Info Download

(S) - Shareware      (F) - Freeware

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