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Here is my collection of software which I have written for my Psion 5, and the best thing is (for you anyway) they are all FREE. Also don't miss my Psion Series 5 Tips page, which contains many helpful bits of information.

Program Name Version Description Click to View Info Download
Twinkey 1.2

Written to aid the entry of characters that do not appear on the keyboard (such as and )

Info Download
TestMe 5.5

The ideal program to help you learn anything really.
(Also includes a 2000 word French-English Dictionary and a 2000 word German-English Dictionary)

Info Download
MathsHelp 5.0

Solves Quadratics, Simultaneous Equations, adds up times and converts degrees into radians.

Info Download
OandX 5.0

A version of the classic game naughts and crosses.

Info Download
StopWatch 5.2

Guess what - it's a stopwatch!

Info Normal Download
Revo* Download

* Please Note - I do not mean to imply that Revo users are not normal ;-)




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