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Using Hyper Terminal with a Psion Series 5

This is a quick guide explaining how to transfer files between a Psion and a PC using just Hyper Terminal, which is installed on most Windows Computers - No need to install PsiWin or EConnect Lite.

On the PC:

  1. Click Start>Programs>Accessories>HyperTerminal. A new window will appear.
  2. Double Click Hypertrm.
  3. In the "Connection Description" window that appears, enter a name (such as "Psion") and choose an icon that takes your fancy.
  4. In the "Phone Number" window that appears, click on the "Connect using" box and choose the comm port your Psion is attached to (in my case Com 3) and then click OK:

    The Phone Number Window

  5. In the Com Port Properties Window that will next appear choose the following settings:
             Bits per Second - 57600
             Data Bits - 8
             Parity - None
             Stop Bits - 1
             Flow Control - Hardware
  6. The Hyper Terminal Window will now appear and "Connected" should appear in the bottom left of the screen.
  7. Now choose File>Properties and on the Settings Tab Change Emulation to VT100. Now choose OK.

The PC should now be configured

Possible PC Problem:

  • Make sure PsiWin Connection Server is not loaded, as this will stop Hyper Terminal Opening the Com Port

On the Psion:

  1. On the system screen press Ctrl-L and ensure the remote link is off. Press OK.
  2. From the extras bar open Comms.
  3. When it loads press Set Up on the toolbar on the right.
  4. Ensure the settings are as follows and press OK:
             Use comms port - Serial port 0
             Baud Rate - 57600
             Data bits - 8
             Stop Bits - 1
             Parity - None
  5. Now press Shift-Ctrl-E and check the "Terminal to Emulate" is set as VT100.

You should now be able to transfer files between the two computers!


To transfer file you will need to choose a protocol:

YModem (batch) - This allows you to transfer more than one file at a time. This protocol also transmits the file name, so you do not need to tell the receiving computer the file name of the incoming file.

XModem - This transmits files one at a time. It does not transmit the file name, so you will be prompted to enter a file name on the receiving machine.

Which ever protocol you choose, make sure you select the same one on both the transmitting and receiving machines!

EConnect Lite

EConnect Lite is program that has been released by Symbian and is just a cut down version of PsiWin. It does not include any way of converting files, as it is designed to purely be a file transfer utility. It is 1.89 Mb (when zipped), and if you split the zip you can fit it onto two 1.44 Mb disks.




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