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Here is some useful stuff I have learnt whilst using my Psion and reading various newsgroups.

Make PsiWin 2.3.2 Connect to Psion Series 3 Machines

In the windows registry find the EC_EXTRA Key at:


and change the value from "0" to "36dd".

Note: I have not tested this tip myself, to please feel free to let me know what success you have with it ;-)

Hard Breaks in Epoc Word

To prevent a line break at a space (e.g. the space between the initial and surname in J. Smith), insert a non-breaking space with Shift+Space.

To prevent starting a new line at a hyphen (e.g. will-o'-the-wisp), insert a hard hyphen with Shift+- (i.e. Shift+Fn+O).

Launch apps that appear on the first row of the extras bar

Just press control and the button that you can see. e.g. to launch the Spell Checker, press Control-Word

How to take screen snap shots

  1. Press Ctrl-Func-Shift-S
  2. In the dialog that appears choose where you want to save the MBM file and that is it.

To convert the MBM into a sketch file:

  1. Open a new sketch file.
  2. Choose "More" from under "File" on the menu bar, then choose "Merge in..."
  3. Change the file type option to "EPOC Picture".
  4. Find your document in the Name and Folder Option and then press enter.
  5. Choose "Yes" to say you do want to enlarge the current sketch size and that is it!

How to kill a Program that will not respond

  1. Try all the usual methods of closing the app (This is for emergency use only!)
  2. If that does not work you have two methods of killing the app:
    i.  Bring up the tasklist, select the program you want to kill and press Ctrl-Shift-E (Shift and "Close Program" Button)
    ii.  Switch to the app and press Ctrl-Shift-Func-K (Don't do this whilst you are at the system screen, as you will reset you Psion with no warning!)

Opening more than one file at a time

I find it very useful to set the option "Open Multiple Files" to Enter in the system screen's preferences. This, for example, enables you to have more than word file open at once, so that you can have one open so that you remember to print it and another open to edit. This may not sound particularly helpful, however it does come in useful quite frequently.

How to look at the ROM (Z:) Drive easily

  1. Go to the system screen
  2. Press Ctrl-Tab
  3. The directory browser will then open
  4. Then tap the Disk option and cycle round to Z and press Enter
  5. Then you can browse the ROM easily.

To return to C: Just Press Shift-Ctrl-C

How to install a program Easily if it is not in a sis file

Have you ever noticed that when you click right mouse button on a file in Win95 etc there is a "send to" option? Well it is possible to create an option so that you can send a program directory to the appropriate place on your Psion with just one click on a "send to" option.

Here's how to do:

First Create the shortcut:

  1. Double click on "My Psion" on your desktop.
  2. Then double click on the C: or D: drive.
  3. Now go into the system directory.
  4. Click once on the Apps directory
  5. Then choose "file" from the menu bar and click on "Create Shortcut"
  6. Close all the Psion Windows etc and view your desktop
  7. A shortcut should appear on your desktop called "Shortcut to Apps".

Make the shortcut look nice:

  1. Click on the file "Shortcut to Apps" and rename it to "Install to Psion". Then click right button and choose Properties.
  2. Go to the Shortcut tab and then click on "Change icon..."
  3. Click Browse and navigate to "C:\Program Files\Psion\PsiWin\Epocinst.exe" and choose the icon in that file.
  4. Now click Ok and return to the desktop.

Now to copy it into the "Send to" directory:

  1. Click on the file "Shortcut to Apps" and press Control-x (Cut)
  2. Now double click on "C:"
  3. Double Click on "My Computer"
  4. Double Click on "Windows" (or equivalent)
  5. Double Click on SendTo
  6. Now press Control-v (Paste)

And that is it. Now when you download a program, just unzip it, create an appropriately named directory and put all the necessary Psion files into it. Then click on the directory, click right button, slide off on Send To and click on "Install on Psion" and the program will then be installed. If you download any of my programs, you will find I have already created the necessary directory which you can just "Send To" your Psion - Easy!


For a database of Series 5 tips, visit

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