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TestMe is a new and improved version of the original Series 3 program Testmake. It is designed to help you learn foreign languages, physics equations or anything that you may ever need to learn.

The program has two modes, the edit mode:

A snap shot from TestMe showing the edit mode
(This is the German language version of the program)

and the learn mode:

A snap shot from TestMe showing the learn mode

You can easily switch between these two modes using the toolbar.

The edit mode has full search capabilities, and it has no problem with 2000 word tests (not that this would be very easy to learn).

Included in the TestMe zip are three example Tests:
   "French Test" - A 2000 word French to English dictionary
   "German Test" - A 2000 word German to English dictionary
   "Physics Test" - A collection of all the equations you would every need to pass GCSE Physics

To see screen shots of Testme on the Revo click here and on the Osaris click here.

With these large(ish) dictionaries on your Psion why would you ever want to buy a "proper" dictionary for your Psion? This is especially true when you realize that this program is FREE.

Yes this program is freeware, however I do ask that you register it (for free) by filling in this form.

Users comments as enter on the registration form:

"Its really nice and simple! to keep it nice, there should not much be changed...
I like it more than the "great" RMR-Tester Software!"

"Very nice! Helps me taking notes and learn them after."

"I have tested some programs of that sort, yours is definitely the best!"

"You created in fact a wonderful software. Greatness is yours."

"Very well written program, certainly of commercial value"

I could go on with the quotes but I think that will do.... ;-)

Latest Version: TestMe 5.5:

  • Improvements to the Learn Mode: allows "\n" to be used as a carriage return and lets you select a range of questions to test when you enter the learn mode.

New features in 5.4:

  • The number of questions that can be removed from the test in the Learn Mode is now virtually unlimited. Thanks to Tamas Stefan for this improvement.

New features in 5.3:

  • New File Properties Dialog

  • User can choose their preferred font in the edit mode

  • Zoom in and out in the edit mode.

New features in 5.22:

  • Corrected a few EPOC Style faults that have been pointed out to me (e.g. added buttons to all dialogs, and "..." after menu options where appropriate).

  • Hungarian Translation tweaked.

New features in 5.21:

  • Under certain circumstances user preferences were not loaded correctly in 5.2. This has been fixed.

  • Now available in Hungarian

New features in 5.2:

  • Now automatically adjusts to any screen size. Therefore Testme 5.2 should work on any Epoc 32 machine, including the Psion Revo.

  • "Proper" scroll bar added as used in Word etc, rather than the navigation buttons that were in Testme 5.1

  • Testme is now far more user configurable - you can choose the size and position of the scrollbar and more...

Available in French (thanks to Jean Michel Frouin), German (thanks to Dr Manfred Runck), Italian (thanks to Marco) Hungarian and English.

Download it now (This sis contains the English, French, German, Italian and Hungarian versions of Testme): (119,241 bytes)

To register this program for free click here

Translators Wanted!

Fancy translating Testme into your own language? If you would why not email me and discuss it!




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