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Twinkey is a freeware program that has been written to aid the entry of characters that do not normally appear on the keyboard, such as , , , or any other you care to choose.

It does this by looking for a number of specific predefined key sequences, and then converting them. The sequence of key presses has to occur within a certain period of time, otherwise Twinkey ignores them. For example you can type "a" followed by "\", and this can be changed into .

Twinkey also has Caps-lock alert functionality, as it is not possible to use Twinkey and Pascal Nicolas' CapsView program together. Therefore Twinkey gives an audible alert for the first 'n' keys punched when the Caps Lock is on. It is reset at every switch on or when the active application changes and receives a key hit.

Some Screen Shots:

The main screen (you can see Word in the background)

Configuring your choice of keys sequences:

Setting the time period, and beep options:

Many thanks to Thomas Dunkerley for the idea for this program, and all his great testing. Sorry it took so long Thomas!

This program is freeware, however if you like it, show your appreciation by sending me a postcard! Here is my postcard collection due to Twinkey so far :-)


Details of where to send postcards to can be found in the Twinkey help file.

Version History

v1.0 08 September 2000 Gary Ewer
- Initial version

v1.1 10 January 2002 Marcell Egyed
- added Caps Lock alert (parameters saved in ini)
- added switch on suspension for logging in (parameters saved in ini)

v1.2 15 January 2002 Marcell Egyed
- added Hungarian character set
- setting high priority for the program as found at

Please note: The problem Twinkey once had with it not allowing you to enter a system password on switch on has now been fixed thanks to Marcell Egyed.

The source code to this program can be downloaded here.

Twinkey rated 5 cows at Tucows!  

Download it now: (27,205 bytes)




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