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Char is designed to act as a character map for the Psion. It is an opo program that sits under the RunOpl icon on your Psion. It is very simple to use and hopefully very user friendly.

When you start the program you get a load up screen for a few moments while the Psion draws the main page. Then you press a key and the following screen appears:

A screen snapshot from Char

Now this may look complicated, but it is really very simple to use. First of all you find the character you want, and then you note the number that is written next to it. You then go to the application you are using and press and hold Control and then type the appropriate number. Then as if by magic the special character will appear!

This program therefore is invaluable, as without it the only way you can find out the appropriate character code is by looking in the Psion Manual, however you can't exactly carry that around with your Psion can you?

Download it now (You only need one of the following files): (2050 bytes)

char10.exe (25152 bytes)
(self extracting archive version of the above file)




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