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OandX is basically a good way to save paper, as you can play naughts and crosses against your friends without using masses of paper. It will even tell you when someone has won (and you can tell it your names so it can call you by name), and it will keep a scoreboard, so you can play lots of games and then know who has won overall. Here is a screen shot of the game:

A screen shot from OandX

This game uses less than 6k and it sits under the RunOPL icon on your Psion's system screen. It is therefore very handy, and it can easily occupy you during those boring parts of the day.

Thanks to Wayne Geary there is now a version of OandX which includes a Computer player, so you can now play the Psion. I have decided to badge this version of the program as OandX 2.

Download it now (You only need one of the following files):

Either: OandX 1.0 (my original version of the program). (3177 bytes)

oandx10.exe (26279 bytes)
(self extracting archive version of the above file)

Or: OandX 2.0 (An improved version of the program by
                          Wayne Geary). (3803 bytes)

oandx20.exe (26905 bytes)
(self extracting archive version of the above file)

Want to see the OPL source code for OandX and many other programs? Visit my Source Codes page to download it.

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