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Testmake was originally designed to aid learning of foreign languages, however it has now grown into a program which can act not only as a learning aid but also as a useful database program. The program is actually in two parts Testmake and Testlern, which both manipulate the same type of file, but in different ways.


Testmake is the program which creates the tests, as the name implies. When you have used this program to make your test you can then go to the Testlern program and learn it.

The main screen looks like this:

A screen shot from Testmake

As you can see, the left hand column shows the "Question" and the other column is the first of the "Answers". You can have up to three answers for one question. Testmake can also re-order the data, print the data (with a parallel printer lead) and you can merge test files together. Another big feature is that it has full search facilities. This means that you can create dictionaries by merging all your tests together and then you can easily search for a word and find out what it means in the other language. For example I have created a French dictionary that contains virtually every word you could possibly need to get an A* at GCSE Level Exams. I have included this in the zip file as an example test. I have also created a German dictionary (although it is not as complete) which is included in the zip file too.

It is also possible to use Testmake as a database program. I have personally created a database of good web sites. Also I regularly look up physics equations that I have entered into Testmake (This file of physics GCSE equations is also included in the zip file so if you are doing physics you have no excuse for not knowing the equations).


This is the program that is used to learn the vocabulary that you enter into Testmake. The program looks like this:

A screen shot from TestLern

The file that is being used in this screen shot is my physics equations test. The first line is the question. Then when you press a key the answer appears (2nd, 3rd and 4th lines). In this example the font has been changed to a mono spaced font so that the equation lines up. You can in fact use any of the Psion's system fonts in the Testlern program. When you press the diamond key on the Psion the program reverses so that you get the answer first then the question. This is very useful if you are learning French vocabulary, as then you can learn it either English to French or French to English. Another useful function Testlern has is that if you press the delete key the program will stop testing you on the current question. This is particularly good if you have definitely learnt one word, however you keep getting asked it. The delete function is reversible and if you want to be tested on all the questions again you can just choose to reset the program from the menu bar.

New in Version 1.11

  • Improved, faster, screen redrawing.
  • CSV compatibility. Now you can open CSV files created in Excel and you can save test files in CSV format
  • Launch Testlern from Testmake or vice-versa.
  • Annoying bug in the display proc of version 1.1 fixed
  • And many other minor improvements.

Together Testmake and Testlern are extremely useful programs. They make it easy to learn vocabulary, and Testmake also acts as a very good dictionary or a superb database program.

For the Epoc 32 version of this program, Testme, click here.

Download it now (You only need one of the following files): (77352 bytes)

tests111.exe (100454 bytes)
(self extracting archive version of the above file)




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