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This game came about when I told a friend that I had run out of ideas for programs. He promptly went away and came back the next day with the idea for Letsshop. I then started work on it and 200 years later (so it seems to me) I came up with this program.

The simple idea of the game is to run your shop successfully so that you get rich quick.

Here are some screen shots from the game

The stock screen

The Shop Size Screen

The Staff Screen

Your job as manager of this shop is simple (or so it seems at first). You just have to make an educated guess of how much stock you will sell tomorrow. You also have to decide when to expand your outfit, when to employ new staff, how long you want to be open for and finally how much to undercut your competitors by. If you get it right you will get rich quick and make it to the top of the scoreboard, however if you don't it could cost your bank a lot of money.

This game also features a save game option, full on-line help and easy access to all the screens above and more with the diamond key.

Download it now (You only need one of the following files): (16529 bytes)

letss10.exe (39631 bytes)
(self extracting archive version of the above file)




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