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This game, in my opinion, is the most entertaining game I have ever played on the Psion. The reason for this is because three, yes three people can play at once (you can just about get three sets of fingers on a Psion keyboard). Each person has a "worm" to control, and the aim is to be the last person still alive. To kill your opponents you just have to get them in a box so that they run out of room and end up crashing. Once you get good at the game it becomes even more entertaining, as then you can attempt to get out of tight situations through thin passageways without hitting the sides. Once out you can go and get the person who tried to kill you.

To add to the confusion you can also have up to three worms controlled by the computer (which is reasonably intelligent), which makes a total of six moving worms!

However if this all seems too much to handle at first (or you don't have enough friends with small fingers) you can play on your own, or you can play against one other friend.

This screen shot shows the one player mode where the aim is to collect as many blocks as possible and to survive for as long as possible to accumulate the highest possible score:

worm1.gif (2769 bytes)

This is a must have program, especially if you have some free time during the day when you and your friends have nothing to do (I find lunch break is a good time!). You will soon be shouting at each other when someone "boxes you".

Download it now (You only need one of the following files): (9518 bytes)

worm11.exe (32620 bytes)
(self extracting archive version of the above file)




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