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This is a very useful opo program, which takes less than 1k of memory, that sits under the RunOpl icon on your Psion. It job is to convert angles from Radians into Degrees and back again.

A screen snap shot from Degrads
(NOTE: The URL for my website, as shown in this software is no longer
correct, however I no longer have a series 3a, so I can't change it :-)

It is simple, however it does have some extra features. For example it expresses Radian results in terms of Pi as well as a number. Also the angle you enter can be a term for evaluation, for example "2*Pi" as this would give the exact answer of 360 degrees. Also you can specify the accuracy you want the answer to be to.

Download it now (You only need one of the following files): (1866 bytes)

degrad10.exe (24968 bytes)
(self extracting archive version of the above file)




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