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What's New at Prosoft?

27th January 2006 - Testme 5.5 now available in Italian.

24th December 2004 - Version 5.5 of Testme released.

20th February 2003 - New Testme File of Aeronautical abbreviations added

15th February 2002 - New version of Twinkey which fixes the one major problem with the previous version

21st September 2001 - Lots of updates, just before I go back to uni ;-)

26th May 2001 - New version of Testme released - version 5.4

30th April 2001 - Added a version of Stopwatch for the Revo. Also new data file for Testme - Finnish to English. Download it here.

8th November 2000 - New Epoc32 program added - Twinkey - Months (or maybe years) in development, and I have finally released it! (No updates for ages - sorry ;-) - I am now at University, and have trouble uploading my site!)

10th September 2000 - Added a new piece of code to the Sibo programs page in OPLZone and generally tweaked a few things.

10th June 2000 - Over 2 Megs of software added that was written about 6 years ago for the Psion Series 3 Classic. Included are some great games and may useful applications and utilities.

21st May 2000 - New page added giving some Sibo programming tips. Few other minor changes.

16th April 2000 - Two more Testme Dictionaries added to the Testme Files page- English to Dutch, and Dutch to English.

3rd April 2000 - Stopwatch 5.2 uploaded. This version has a much larger display font to make the timer easier to read. Also added a couple more commands that can be typed into the run box that is on the Windows start menu to get to things faster.

2nd April 2000 - Testme 5.3 released and more Testme Files added. Also added a new tip on how to remove the Favorites menu from the start menu in Windows 98.

4th March 2000 - Added some more example code to the Epoc32 Programs page.

30th January 2000 - New Page Added! This page contains lots of Testme files that both I and other Testme users have created.

2nd January 2000 - Testme 5.22 released. Now available in Hungarian and more...

20th December 1999 - Testme 5.21 released. We can't all get it right first time ;-)

18th December 1999 - Testme 5.2 released. This version is compatible with all Epoc 32 devices.

7th November 1999 - Added more fun programs, and an amusing video of an embarrassed Bill Gates :-) Also added the source code to Phil Gooch's program Asteroids to the OPL source codes page.

24th October 1999 - New page added explaining how to transfer files between a PC and a Psion using Hyper Terminal. Three new example OPL codes added to the Epoc 32 examples page.

16th October 1999 - TestMe 5.1 released. This version includes extra features and it is now available in French and German also.

26th August 1999 - General "maintenance". Added some extra Windows tips, and a useful tip for Netscape 4 users. Also added a link to EpocZone and a few other minor things.

8th August 1999 - Added React 1.0 to the Fun PC Programs Section. This program is a simple reaction timer.

30th July 1999 - Added OandX 2 and Yahtzee to OPL Source Codes page. Added OandX 2.0 to my Series 3 program download section as well

26th July 1999 - Version 5.1 of StopWatch released for the Psion Series 5. The program now uses a larger, more readable font size.

9th June 1999 - What's New Page started!

5th June 1999 - New section created - Fun PC Programs - Some entertaining programs to run on a friends computer ;-)

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