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Latest Addition to this Site: Testme 5.5 available in Italian
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Welcome to the home of lots of quality ;-) pieces of software for Epoc 32 and Sibo Palmtop computers. But that's not all - you will also find lots of tips and tricks, for various platforms, including the PC and some entertaining PC programs.

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If you have a tip or trick you would like to share with the world, or have a suggestion on how I can improve this site, then please email me about it. Even if you have nothing particular to say why not email me anyway - I want to hear from you!

An overview of my Psion 3x & Epoc 32 software:

Title Psion Series 3/a/c/mx Epoc 32 - Psion Series 5 etc
TestMe / Testmake Testmake Testme
Twinkey - Twinkey
O and X OandX OandX
StopWatch - StopWatch (Psion Revo Version Here)
Degrads Degrads MathsHelp
Ratic Ratic
TimeCalc TimeCalc
Simul -
Letsshop Letsshop -
Worm Worm -
ListView ListView -
Char Char -

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